Dammit Jen, why do you have to rule when it comes to romcoms

I thought it would finally happen; that there would be a terrible Jennifer Aniston romcom, and that I would see it and hate it and be rid
of this bizarre fascination I have with her. So, I spent my $12 and saw
“Just Go With It” hoping that I would watch the absurdity that is casting Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler as romantic interests and be  done with all of it. But, Jen (and we’re on a first name basis for how many hours I’ve watched of you), you saved that damn movie and now I’m  sort of mad at you.

It wasn’t that the movie was good, it wasn’t, but it’s that I didn’t hate
it. That you made me laugh-out-loud, that you made me believe your
interest in Adam Sandler’s character, that when you’re acting kind of
bro-y it’s really cool, you made that movie bearable.

Dammit Jen, I thought I would be over you by now. I thought, “Okay, I’ll see this and I’ll hate her and I won’t even be able to watch her anymore.” I was supposed to be throwing out my “Along Came Polly” DVD, be letting  go of the awesomeness that was your performance in “The Good Girl,”  debating whether I could stand having “Office Space” around any more.  And then you have to go and be kinda good and make me love you all over  again.

You’re awesome because you’re charming, and funny, and you have amazing hair and you’re not so beautiful that I hate you for it. I’m always pulling for you, and your character, and that’s what I can’t let go of. You make me want to watch because I can feel the drama, the humor, the weirdness that is the romcom with you as the protagonist more than I can with any other actress and I guess that’s really worth something.


  1. Do you write all of these Monlloski? Remember when you gave me a season of friends on VHS for Christmas? You are really

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